Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

FRENCH, Thomas

Male 1608 - 1680  (72 years)

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  • Name FRENCH, Thomas 
    Born 1608  Assington, Suffolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 8 Aug 1680  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I5032  Uriah Davis I - Genealogy
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    Father FRENCH, Thomas,   b. 11 Oct 1584, Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk County, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 5 Nov 1639, Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 55 years) 
    Mother RIDDLESDALE, Susannah,   b. 20 Apr 1584, Boxford, Suffolk County, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aug 1658, Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 74 years) 
    Married 5 Sep 1608  Assington, Suffolk County, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family SKUDMORE, Mary 
    Married Between 1630 and 1632 
    Last Modified 24 Jun 2018 
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  • Notes 

    • 1. ENSIGN THOMAS FRENCH of Ipswich was in New England as early as 1637when he was a soldier i n the Pequot War. In 1672 he petitioned thecolonial government for a grant of land northwes t of Salisbury, in behalfof himself and eight other Ipswich men who had seen service in thatc ampaign.

      Thomas French's chief public activities were military and judicial. Hewas a subscriber to Maj or Dennison's compensation in 1648. He is calledSergeant French until 1664, and Ensign Frenc h henceforth. In 1664 hetestified to the mutinous behavior of Samuel Hunt and others during t hetraining of the Ipswich troop on Wolfpen plain.(+) He served on the trialjury of the Count y Court in 1651, 1652, 1657-1660, 1662, 1664, 1669,1672, 1674-1675, and 1678, and on a jury o f inquest in 1676. He is listedas a voter in town affairs in 1679 and as a commoner in 1678.

      Ensign French died August 8, 1680. His wife Mary survived until May 6,1681. His will, dated f ive days before his death, follows:--

      Nov 27, 1608 - Aug 8, 1680

      In the name of God, Amen. I Thomas French Senior of Ipswich being weakof body yet of perfec t understanding and memory doe in case of death makethis my last Will and Testament.
      In the first place I commend my Soul into the hands of AlmightyGod who hath redeeme d it by the precious blood of his Son; and I commitmy body to the Earth, whence it was taken , to be buried in a Christiandecent manner by my friends in hopef a blessed resurrection t o eternallife.
      And as for my outward Estate which God hath graciously given mein this world I doe t hus dispose of it: inprimis, I give and bequeathto Mary my beloved wife the Bed whreon I u se to ly, with all theappurtenances and furnitue belonging threto. Mverover I give to my son Thomas French my cloak and close-coat. Also I give to my son John Frenchone Cow, which is t o make up the full summe of thirty pounds which Iformerly promised him for his Portion. Als o I give to my daughter MarySmith, one Cow. And to my son Samuel French, I give and bequeat h he bedwhre he usually lieth, together with the Bedding and Bedstead belongingto the same . Further, as concerning my lands at the Pequod lots, and mydivision lot of marsh at Plum Is land, my will is that my sons Thomas andSamuel French for and in consideration of twnety poun ds by them engagedaccording to to order unto my son Ephraim French as the remaining part ofth is portioon (which summe of twenty pounds is almost all paid, and theremainder due upon deman d), I say my Will is that those my two sonnsThomas and Samuel shall possess and enjoy the sai d Pequod lands, anddivision-lot of marsh to themselves and to their heirs forever, to beequal ly divided betwixt them. Furthermore, I give and bequeath tomy sonn Thomas French m y dwwelling house and homested with all theappurtenances and priviledges thereof and belongin g thereto, and also byLot lying in Labour-in-vain fields containing twelve acres more or less ,with all the rest of my cattell, stocke of all sorts and moveable goods(not disposed of by t his my wil and testament) and to my son Samuel Igive and bequjeath two acres ofupland joynin g to Joseph Quilter's and twoacres of meadow-ground at Reedy marsh; to be possessed by themre spectively after my decease, provided always and my will is that myson Thomas French doe giv e full and free libertie to Mary my wife hismother to abide ad dwell in the said house and t o make use of any room orrooms thereof for her convenient commodation therein; as likewise t o makeuse of all or any such moveable as I doe now leave in the hands of my sonThomas (not di sposed of) as my be necessary ad convenient for her use andoccasions from time to time; and a ll these during the term of her naturallife, and after her decease my son Thomas shall delive r to my threechildren John, Samuel and Mary three of the biggest pewter dishes whichshall the n be left and remain that is to say, to each of them, one.Provided also, and my will is tha t my two son Thomas and Samuel doecarefully provide fortheir mothers comfortable maintenanc e and livelyhoodand what is requisit thereto during her natural life, each of themallowing th ereto proportionally to that part of my Estate which shall beby them received by vertue of th is my testamt. And if through anyneglect of failure this way of maintenance should not be t o theirmother's satisfation and content, my Will is, that those my two sonsThomas and Samue l shall allow to their mother ten pounds yeerly; ninepounds thereof to be paid by Thomas an d twenty shillings by Samuel, insuch pay as shall be suitable and necessary for her comfortab lemaintenance and livelyhood. And further, if it shall pleas God toexercise her with much pr evailing weakness or continuing sickness thatthe aforesaid ten pounds should not suffice to d efray the charges of herexpenses, my Will is that (over and above the ten pounds and accordin g tothe like rate of proportion) thos my two sons Thomas and Samuel shallsupply her with nece ssaries suitable as her condition may require, thatshe not be exposed to suffering for want o f what ought and might beprocured for her. Also my Will is that my Lot in Labour-in- vain f ields,and the two acres of meadow at Reedy Marsh shall stand bound respectivelyto my said wif e during her natural life as securitie for the trueperformance of this my Will as respectin g her maintenance by my twoSonns; and after he decease the said lands (except what shall beea lienated (if any so be) by means of the securitie aforesaid) to remainto each of those my Son ns and to their heirs forever as is mentioned anddeclared. And lastly, O doe name, appoint an d constitute my son ThomasFrench to be the soloe Executor of this my last will and testament
      August 3, 1680

      Witness: (no signatures)

      Proved in Ipswich Court 28, Sept 1680, by Mary French and Samuel French

      Inventory of the estate of Ensigne Thomas French taken Aug. 25, 1680, byJonathan Wade and Joh n Whipple: his waring apparell Linon & woolin, 4li.10s.; the grat beed in the parler with wha t belongs toe it, 7li. 10s.; atrundle beed with what belongs toe it, 3li.; thre chests, 20s. , 7cushins, 20s., 2 li.; 4 payer of sheets, 40s., 4 pilowbers, 8s., 2li.8s.; 22 napcines, 30s ., 3 tablecloths, 20s., 2li. 10s.; 11 yds. ofhommade cloth, 1li, 13s.; warming pann 8s., yd . & halfe of serge, 6s.,14s.; a cutlach & belt, 6s., 3 small baskits, 2s., 8s.; 2 bruches, 2s .,smal looking glas, 1s., 3s.; 6 chayers, 6s., table & foorme, 7s., 13s.;one spitt, fire pan , tonges, gridirone, tramell, 18s.; 9 pewter dishes,27s.; 2 pint pots & a half pint, two pore ngers, one beacer cup, 2poringer, 1li. 17s.; two bras Ketls, 2li. 15s.; one Irone pott, 3scil its, a scimer, 14s.; tine ware, 6s., 9 spones, 18d., 7s. 6d.; barels,payels, trayes, kelers , 14s.; earthen ware, 8s.; old axe & howe, 3s.,books, 10s., 13s.; 3 loads of haye, 30s.; a be d given to Samuel Frenchwith what belongs toe it, 4li. 15s.; a meane bed with what belongs to eit, 2li.; doz. halfe of trenchers, 18d., sithes, 2s., 3s. 6d.; 5 sheep &thre Lames, 2li. 13s .; 4 cowes, 12li.; 8 swine, 3li. 11s.; his dwelinghous & barne & homestead with the privelid g belonging, 70li.; 12 accersof Lande at Laber in vain, 60li.; 2 accers of Land by Scotes Lan e, 10li.;2 accers of march in the comon feild, 10li.; debts due by booke, 71li.7s. 6d.; total , 217 li. 15s. 6d. Debts he oweth, 34li. 8s. 5d. makingtotal, 183li. 7s. 1d.