Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

STRODE, Edward

Male 1673 - 1697  (24 years)

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  • Name STRODE, Edward 
    Born 7/07 Feb 1672/1673  Downside, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 24 Sep 1697  On A .. Ship Named Paysay Bound For the Colonies Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I7144  Uriah Davis I - Genealogy
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    Married Abt 1684 
     1. STRODE, Edward,   b. 1690, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1806, Berkeley County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 116 years)
     2. STRODE, Martha,   b. 1697, France Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 24 Aug 1762, Near Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 65 years)
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    • SOURCE: (from Janet S.) Janetcairo@aol.com
      http://www.familyhistory.com/mess ages/showmsg.asp?forumid=43630&msgnum=60&gs=1
      Edward Strode and his wife and children that had escaped to France orHolland to join the Hueg onauts. Edward and his wife died on the PAYSAY,the children were bound out and a nephew Barna rd Strode was taken in by afamily they had met in France. The orphans fortune was held by Geo rgeStrode of New Jersey. When the boys were old enough they took their moneyand with many o f their friends went to Virginia to a grant of 100,000acres by the crown.
      SOURCE :
      Sir William Strode had son Barnard (Barnet) he and his wife were beheadedin the Bloody Assize , Edward (son of William) escaped with invalid wife,five or six of his own children and Nephe w Barnard Jr.(son ofBarnard-Barnet) they took him under his care along with a man namedMorga n Bryan. Bryan marries a Strode and daughters marry the Boone Boys(Daniel and Edward) Thing s are pretty intresting in the Stroude line.They also founded Stroudsburg, PA.
      Warinus arrived in England with WIlliam I in 1066 and was awarded aKnighthood and lands for h is efforts on the his behalf of the new King.His heir was William whose heir was Johm then Hu gh then Robert, then Johnthen Nicholas. The Leiger Book of Abbotsbury has a listing for Nicho lasde Strode Knight in 1249. John was brother to Nicholas.. Nicholas marriedBeatrix daughte r of John de Bitton, Knight. Heir of Nicholas was Hugh,then the family moved to Parnham. Unde rstand that many of these menmarried 2 or more times and had a bunch of children so by the 12 00s'there were a bunch of Strodes around. Heir of hugh was Henry who marriedMaud daughter an d heir of De Bauprea. In 1361 the family is mentioned bya bishop . Henry, Maud, their son Joh n and daughter Joan. Hugh was heirof Henry, and married Beatrix de Button and Had son Henry , Edmund anddaughter Jane. In the forty fourth year of the riegn of Edward III, Hughde Strod e is mentioned as being granted the land of Strode in Lidlinchfor life at the rent of 4 marks . Edmund was brother to the Heir of Hughlands and was given a grant of land of his own. Richa rd was the heir andhe married Elizabeth Brent. They moved to Parnham. Richard again marriedaf ter Elizabeth's death to Elizabeth Chaldecot. William de Strode was sonand heir to Richard an d married Alys daughter and heir of Roger ofLedred. William de Strode married Alianor daughte r of John Cheney. Hisheir was RIchard his other sons were WIlliam and John. RIchard diedwitho ut male issue so WIlliam became heir.
      Hohn Collinson has a book titled the HISTORY OF WEST CRANMORE. Hohn deStrode was the progenit or of the Shepton Mallet Strodes in CountySomerset we are interested in. He married Hoan Okel e his son and heir wasWalter Strode. Walter's heir was Thomas Strode. His heir was Edwardstro de born about 1515. He Married Alice Whiting at Somerset. The LDSAncestry file reports that t heir children all born at Shepton Mallet wereJohn, Agnes, Thomas, Richard, Anne, Jone, Edward , Thomas, and William.Edward died on 3 March 1555. His heir was WIlliam Strode. He marriedEli zabeth Upton their children were; Geoffrey, George, Mary, Thomasine,WIlliam, and Thomasine. H is heir was William Strode born in 1589 inShepton Mallet. He married Joan Barnard in 1621. Th eir children wereWIlliam, Edwared, John, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Johanna, Essex, Barnardan d Mary. In Richard Symond's diary it is said that "William Strode livedat Barrington, 3 Myl e from LLminister. The strodes served over 200 yearsas member of Parliament from Somerset Cou nty.
      Our WIlliam distinguished himself by opposition to the King's authorityin Somersetshire. He w as a source of trouble and annoyance to the King,Bishop and Sheriff. His funeral was held i n 1666. When Charles I becameKing of England their was a strong protestant presence in Parlia ment .WIlliam Strode was one of those members. In 1640 the confidence in theKing was at a ver y low level and it was decided that he could not betrusted and the country was in danger of a narchy. During the parliamentrydebate the kings friends became known a Royalists and those ag ainst himwere Parliamentarians. The 19 propostions of parliament were put to theking and woul d have mand the King a puppet. At that point CharlesI choseto draw the sword and the situatio n reached it's climax on thebattlefield in a storm of violence. WIlliam Strode was a weatlh y landowneer and had been kind to rich and poor alike and when the Royalistsshowed up in forc e in Shepton Mallet. WIlliam his son and two others rodeto meet the troops. There was an alte rcation and WIlliam was arrestedwhich angered the local townsmen an peasants. The Royalists r ode out oftown leaving WIlliam in the custody of the Sherrif and he had to letWIlliam go beca use of the hostility of the populace. WIlliam went on togather over 2,000 troops and was par t of the siege of Wells. WIlliamStrode had by that time become Col. Strode. After the captur e andbeheading of Charles I the country side became more peaceful andprosperous. The Strode s were quiet for a time and then along came theDuke of Monmouth and his abortive attempt fo r the Crown. As Monmouth waspro protestant the Strode family heavily favored him and entertai ned himat Barrington in the year 1680. By that time Col WIlliam had died and hisheir was Will iam Strode and his brother openly gave arms and money toMonmouth to help his attempt to captu re the crown which failed. The Kingwas justly angered and ordered that Col. Kirke go to Somer setshire to"teach the rebels a lesson". Kirk and his forces extorted large sums ofmoney fro m the wealthy and the poor were sentenced without trial andhanged. King James II feeling tha t many rich delinquents had escaped formoney sent Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys into the West C ounty. He executedupward to 300 persons had many more whipped, imprisoned and sent to theAmer ican Plantations as slaves. Edward Strode who had given Monmouth onehundred guineas and had p rovided shelter while he was on the run wasgranted a pardon, solely through his ability to Pennsylvania y for it.
      Perry, Octavia J. worte A Saga of Strodes and Strodes, Deford and Co.,Baltimore Maryland, 196 6. P 45 says that Bernard Strode, the fifth son ofWIlliam and Joan Barnard was beheaded but f ull substantiation is lacking.On 10th of March 1686 an amnesty or proclamation of pardon wa s issued forall those involved in the rebellion led by Monmouth. Edward Strode ofDownside h e survived the times and remained at Downside, undoubtedly dueto his wealth. Photos taken a t the Rectory of St. Peter and St. PaulChurch in Shepton Mallet in 1986 provide proof that h e survived the time.It states that Joan Strrode of Downside England who had by him 10childre n . This is important to Edward's family (1630-1703) There isanother improtant plaque in Shep ton-Mallet parish church which says hererelieth Edward Strode of Downside, he departed this l ife the 23rd of Oct1703 at the age of 73 years. Edward's will mentions son John and 4daughter s but more improtantly it says "my son Edward, deceased". Soapparently the Edward we are foll owing is the son of the Edward thatassisted Monmouth. He did escape to France or Holland du e to what appearsreligious persecution and took the PaySay to the Americas he and his wifedie d on the voyage and yes their daughter grew up with the Bryan childrenand eventually marrie d one of the sons.
      In a book called The Gosney Family by Georgia G. Winda it states that"The Bryans and a famil y named Strode who were Hollanders but who wereliving in France, were Protestants and had t o flee from their home due toReligious persecution; came to America on the same boat. The Str odeparents died on the voyage "leaving more than three children" and goes onto mention the yo ungest Martha, Jeremiah and Samuel. They were in ChesterCounty when Morgan Bryan married Mart ha Strode in 1719. When the orphenedStrode boys grew up and gathered their inheritance whic h had been held intrust for them they with the Bryans and others apparently left ChesterCount y, Penn. in 1734/35 when they received a grant of 100,000 acres inVirgina, and settled on lan d which eventually became Berkeley County,West Virginia. Edward Strode was believed to be mar ried to EleanorShepard and he was born in France apparently in 1690, his children allapparent ly born in Chester County Penn were:
      John (Capt.)
      It is very likely the author states that Edward Strode born C. 1665 withhis wife fled to Fran ce or Holland in the riegn of James II. The Strodeswere ovbiously strong Protestants. In addi tion , Edward of Downside'svarious episodes with the Duke of Monmouth and possible complicit y ofEdward (his son) could have been more than enouugh reason for him to fleewith is wife, ch ildren.