Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AP DAFYDD, Hywel  Abt 1259Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I42069
2 HYWEL, Cecily Verch  Abt 1340Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I42074
3 HYWEL, Hywel Fychan ap  Abt 1298Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37820
4 HYWEL, Jeffrey ap  Abt 1323Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I34112
5 HYWEL, Lewys ap  Abt 1325Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I42071
6 HYWEL, Lleucu ferch  Abt 1330Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I42072
7 JEFFREY, Cecily ferch  Abt 1382Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37826
8 JEFFREY, Elsbeth ferch  Abt 1373Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37822
9 JEFFREY, Miss ferch  Abt 1390Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37827
10 JEFFREY, Jane ferch  Abt 1376Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37825
11 JEFFREY, John ap  Abt 1379Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37824
12 JEFFREY, Nest ferch  Abt 1368Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I30952
13 JEFFREY, Watkin ap  Abt 1370Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I37823
14 JOHN, Ieuan ap  Abt 1250Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I55543
15 MORGAN, Angharad ferch  Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I51330
16 MORGAN, Miss ferch  Abt 1409Llan-Faes, Breconshire, Wales I42040