Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Bedfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUCHAMP, Elias De  Abt 1180Bedfordshire, England I40922
2 BEAUCHAMP, Geoffrey De  1193Bedfordshire, England I40926
3 DE ALNETO, William  1115Bedfordshire, England I45741
4 DE BEAUCHAMP, Elias  1197Bedfordshire, England I39719
5 DE BEAUCHAMP, Geoffrey  Abt 1176Bedfordshire, England I40921
6 DE BEAUCHAMP, Geoffrey  1193Bedfordshire, England I39716
7 DE BEAUCHAMP, Hugh  Abt 1174Bedfordshire, England I40920
8 DE BEAUCHAMP, Hugh  Abt 1188Bedfordshire, England I40923
9 DE BEAUCHAMP, Joan I  1195Bedfordshire, England I39718
10 DE BEAUCHAMP, Lady Matilda  1236Bedfordshire, England I28868
11 DE BEAUCHAMP, Milo  1083Bedfordshire, England I54422
12 DE BUSLI, Richard  1116Bedfordshire, England I51404
13 DEBEAUCHAMP DE LA ROCHE, Adeline  1076Bedfordshire, England I54423
14 FERRERS, ELIZABETH  1401Bedfordshire, England I22922
15 HARVEY, John  1420Bedfordshire, England I23155
16 HODIN, Mrs Thomas  1610Bedfordshire, England I34052
17 KIRBEY, John  Abt 1567Bedfordshire, England I37733
18 LA BERE, Elizabeth de  Abt 1349Bedfordshire, England I22324
19 MILLS, Elizabeth  Abt 1712Bedfordshire, England I25834
20 PIGGOTT, Christopher  1535Bedfordshire, England I20400
21 ROBERTS, Mrs Henry  1541Bedfordshire, England I41956
22 SHADBOLT, Joan  Abt 1602Bedfordshire, England I34055
23 SMITH, Richard  1540Bedfordshire, England I41969
24 SYMONS, Geoffrey  1569Bedfordshire, England I37717
25 SYMONS, Mrs Geoffrey  1578Bedfordshire, England I37719
26 WITSEE, Francis  Abt 1710Bedfordshire, England I25832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DE BEAUCHAMP, Lady Ella Baroness Of Bourne  Bedfordshire, England I34743


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUSLI, William I  1115Bedfordshire, England I55936
2 DE BEAUCHAMP, Hugh of Eaton Socon  1114Bedfordshire, England I49920
3 DE BEAUCHAMP, Simon  1208Bedfordshire, England I36718
4 DE BRAYBROOKE, Gerard I  1325Bedfordshire, England I35295
5 DE BURGHERSH, Henry II  10 Nov 1348Bedfordshire, England I24521
6 DE HESDIN, GĂ©rard IV Seigneur de Hesdin  1065Bedfordshire, England I54895
7 DE LONGESPEE, Ida Idonea  1268Bedfordshire, England I33039
8 DE WAHULL, Baron Walter  1269Bedfordshire, England I35049
9 ROBERTS, Mary  1618Bedfordshire, England I37724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE PATESHULLE, Alice  10 Aug 1398Bedfordshire, England I28606
2 LE DE SPENCER, Sir John  1274Bedfordshire, England I27294


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEAUCHAMP / DE BIDUN  Abt 1166Bedfordshire, England F27637
2 BEAUCHAMP / DE BIDUN  Abt 1170Bedfordshire, England F27634
3 DE BEAUCHAMP / ADELIZA DE TAILLEBOIS  1070Bedfordshire, England F27576
4 DE BEAUCHAMP / ADELIZA DE TAILLEBOIS  1070Bedfordshire, England F29679
5 DE BEAUCHAMP / ADELIZA DE TAILLEBOIS  1070Bedfordshire, England F29967
6 DE BEAUCHAMP / ADELIZA DE TAILLEBOIS  1070Bedfordshire, England F31141
7 DE BEAUCHAMP / WAKE  CA 1184Bedfordshire, England F16593
8 HERVEY / ENGAINE  1350Bedfordshire, England F16251
9 HODIN / HODIN  1604Bedfordshire, England F17194
10 HODIN / HODIN  1604Bedfordshire, England F17840
11 HODIN / HODIN  1604Bedfordshire, England F18455
12 HODIN / HODIN  1604Bedfordshire, England F18619
13 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1561Bedfordshire, England F20377
14 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1561Bedfordshire, England F21169
15 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1561Bedfordshire, England F21987
16 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1561Bedfordshire, England F22179
17 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1592Bedfordshire, England F17196
18 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1592Bedfordshire, England F17839
19 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1592Bedfordshire, England F18454
20 SMITH / SMITH  Abt 1592Bedfordshire, England F18618
21 SQUIRE / KIRBY  Abt 1632Bedfordshire, England F14480
22 SQUIRE / KIRBY  Abt 1632Bedfordshire, England F14983
23 SQUIRE / KIRBY  Abt 1632Bedfordshire, England F15433
24 SQUIRE / KIRBY  Abt 1632Bedfordshire, England F15584
25 SQUIRE / MURFYN  1536Bedfordshire, England F6574
26 SQUIRE / SIMONS  Abt 1661Bedfordshire, England F12310
27 SQUIRE / SIMONS  Abt 1661Bedfordshire, England F12663
28 SQUIRE / SIMONS  Abt 1661Bedfordshire, England F13090
29 SQUIRE / SIMONS  Abt 1661Bedfordshire, England F13210
30 ST JOHN / MORGAN  1475Bedfordshire, England F8181
31 SYMONS / SYMONS  1600Bedfordshire, England F17189
32 SYMONS / SYMONS  1600Bedfordshire, England F17837
33 SYMONS / SYMONS  1600Bedfordshire, England F18458
34 SYMONS / SYMONS  1600Bedfordshire, England F18623
35 WHINERY / FOWLER  1603Bedfordshire, England F17188
36 WHINERY / FOWLER  1603Bedfordshire, England F17838
37 WHINERY / FOWLER  1603Bedfordshire, England F18459
38 WHINERY / FOWLER  1603Bedfordshire, England F18624