Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Burnley, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADKINSONE, Lenord  Abt 1595Burnley, Lancashire, England I19396
2 ASPDEN, Agnes  1508Burnley, Lancashire, England I21596
3 BARCROFT, John  1508Burnley, Lancashire, England I20716
4 BARCROFT, Thomas  1506Burnley, Lancashire, England I20715
5 CHAMBERLAIN, Abraham  1460Burnley, Lancashire, England I20737
6 CHAMBERLAIN, Hester  1486Burnley, Lancashire, England I20000
7 DE TOWNELEY, Richard  Abt 1216Burnley, Lancashire, England I38028
8 DE TOWNELEY, Sir Richard  1323Burnley, Lancashire, England I24162
9 FOLDYS, John  1545Burnley, Lancashire, England I20722
10 HALSTEAD, Agnes  1507Burnley, Lancashire, England I21594
11 HALSTEAD, Anne  1581Burnley, Lancashire, England I19391
12 HALSTEAD, Dorothy  1577Burnley, Lancashire, England I19386
13 HALSTEAD, Edward  1485Burnley, Lancashire, England I21610
14 HALSTEAD, Ellen  1506Burnley, Lancashire, England I20731
15 HALSTEAD, Ellen  1601Burnley, Lancashire, England I18901
16 HALSTEAD, George  1483Burnley, Lancashire, England I21608
17 HALSTEAD, George  1547Burnley, Lancashire, England I19990
18 HALSTEAD, George  13 Dec 1565Burnley, Lancashire, England I19395
19 HALSTEAD, Henry  1510Burnley, Lancashire, England I20736
20 HALSTEAD, Henry  1544Burnley, Lancashire, England I19989
21 HALSTEAD, John  1385Burnley, Lancashire, England I24192
22 HALSTEAD, John  1485Burnley, Lancashire, England I21609
23 HALSTEAD, John  1535Burnley, Lancashire, England I18897
24 HALSTEAD, Lawrence  1485Burnley, Lancashire, England I19999
25 HALSTEAD, Pearson  1487Burnley, Lancashire, England I21611
26 HALSTEAD, Robert  Abt 1536Burnley, Lancashire, England I19988
27 HALSTEAD, Robert  Abt 1576Burnley, Lancashire, England I19381
28 HALSTED, Oliver  1509Burnley, Lancashire, England I19379
29 HALSTED, Richard  1481Burnley, Lancashire, England I21607
30 HALSTED, William  1565Burnley, Lancashire, England I19392
31 INGHAM, Issabel  Abt 1545Burnley, Lancashire, England I20720
32 INGHAM, John  Abt 1457Burnley, Lancashire, England I20711
33 INGHAME, Alyce  Abt 1580Burnley, Lancashire, England I19998
34 INGHAME, Jeanette  Dec 1564Burnley, Lancashire, England I20004
35 PURPILLIAN, Hester  1466Burnley, Lancashire, England I20738
36 SELLERS, Lawrence  1509Burnley, Lancashire, England I19393
37 SELLERS, Mrs. Lawrence  1513Burnley, Lancashire, England I19394
38 SELLERS, Mary  Abt 1557Burnley, Lancashire, England I18898
39 SHERBURNE, Isabel Baroness of Bradshaigh  1408Burnley, Lancashire, England I20710
40 SMYTHE, John  1460Burnley, Lancashire, England I19940
41 TOWNELEY, Alicia de  1295Burnley, Lancashire, England I42825
42 TOWNELEY, Isabel  1449Burnley, Lancashire, England I21584
43 TOWNELEY, Sir Richard de  14 May 1387Burnley, Lancashire, England I21582
44 TOWNLEY, John  1415Burnley, Lancashire, England I20709
45 TOWNLEY, Mrs. Robert  1580Burnley, Lancashire, England I19336


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BARCROFT, Robert  24 Aug 1532Burnley, Lancashire, England I19986
2 BARCROFT, William  Burnley, Lancashire, England I20725
3 BARCROFT, William  Burnley, Lancashire, England I21597
4 BARCROFT, William  1504Burnley, Lancashire, England I20714
5 HALSTEAD, Agnes  1508Burnley, Lancashire, England I21594
6 HALSTEAD, Anne  12 Nov 1581Burnley, Lancashire, England I19391
7 HALSTEAD, Dorothy  8 Sep 1588Burnley, Lancashire, England I19386
8 HALSTEAD, George  13 Dec 1565Burnley, Lancashire, England I19395
9 HALSTEAD, Janet  25 Apr 1565Burnley, Lancashire, England I19385
10 HALSTEAD, Marie  18 Feb 1598Burnley, Lancashire, England I18900
11 HALSTEAD, Nathaniel  2 Dec 1593Burnley, Lancashire, England I19378
12 HALSTEAD, Robert  30 Nov 1567Burnley, Lancashire, England I19383
13 HALSTEAD, Robert  1 Oct 1574Burnley, Lancashire, England I19381
14 HALSTED, Henry  26 Feb 1576Burnley, Lancashire, England I19387
15 HALSTED, Hughe  25 Apr 1567Burnley, Lancashire, England I19388
16 HALSTED, John  18 Aug 1572Burnley, Lancashire, England I19384
17 HALSTED, Margaret  2 Aug 1579Burnley, Lancashire, England I19382
18 HALSTED, Robert  1 Oct 1574Burnley, Lancashire, England I19380
19 HALSTED, William  25 Mar 1566Burnley, Lancashire, England I19392
20 INGHAME, Jeanette  9 Dec 1564Burnley, Lancashire, England I20004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1460Burnley, Lancashire, England I21616
2 ASPDEN, Agnes  5 Jun 1569Burnley, Lancashire, England I21596
3 BARCROFT, Ann  1593Burnley, Lancashire, England I21600
4 BARCROFT, Anne  1593Burnley, Lancashire, England I19377
5 BARCROFT, William  20 Feb 1525Burnley, Lancashire, England I20725
6 BARCROFT, William  7 Feb 1581Burnley, Lancashire, England I20714
7 CHAMBERLAIN, Abraham  28 Aug 1496Burnley, Lancashire, England I20737
8 CHAMBERLAIN, Hester  1575Burnley, Lancashire, England I20000
9 DE RIXTON, Isabelle  Burnley, Lancashire, England I22746
10 HALSTEAD, Agnes  20 Jul 1581Burnley, Lancashire, England I20735
11 HALSTEAD, George  1588Burnley, Lancashire, England I19395
12 HALSTEAD, George  2 Aug 1632Burnley, Lancashire, England I19990
13 HALSTEAD, Jennett Towneley  12 Aug 1623Burnley, Lancashire, England I18398
14 HALSTEAD, John  1447Burnley, Lancashire, England I24192
15 HALSTEAD, John  2 Aug 1632Burnley, Lancashire, England I18897
16 HALSTEAD, Lawrence  2 Aug 1570Burnley, Lancashire, England I19999
17 HALSTED, Oliver  12 Nov 1582Burnley, Lancashire, England I19379
18 HAWORTH, Alice  2 Aug 1436Burnley, Lancashire, England I21589
19 INGHAME, Jeanette  27 Nov 1597Burnley, Lancashire, England I20004
20 PURPILLIAN, Hester  1520Burnley, Lancashire, England I20738
21 SMITH TOWNELEY, Margaret Elizabeth Halstead  29 Jun 1679Burnley, Lancashire, England I18587
22 SMYTHE, John  1530Burnley, Lancashire, England I19940
23 TOWNELEY, Lawrence  11 Oct 1530Burnley, Lancashire, England I19984
24 TOWNLEY, Alice  1623Burnley, Lancashire, England I18586
25 TOWNLEY, Ellen  1623Burnley, Lancashire, England I18590
26 TOWNLEY, John  1473Burnley, Lancashire, England I20709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARCROFT, John  23 Aug 1585Burnley, Lancashire, England I20716
2 GREENWOOD, Mary Elizabeth  21 Sep 1612Burnley, Lancashire, England I20003
3 HALSTEAD, John  10 Jul 1601Burnley, Lancashire, England I19389
4 SMITH, Christopher  16 Apr 1638Burnley, Lancashire, England I18887


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARCROFT / SAGAR  21 Jun 1642Burnley, Lancashire, England F7454
2 BERCROFT / BARCROFT  1425Burnley, Lancashire, England F7458
3 BERCROFT / BARCROFT  1425Burnley, Lancashire, England F7543
4 BERCROFT / BARCROFT  1425Burnley, Lancashire, England F7661
5 BERCROFT / BARCROFT  1425Burnley, Lancashire, England F7690
6 HALSTEAD / HALSTEAD  1354Burnley, Lancashire, England F10589
7 HALSTEAD / HALSTEAD  1354Burnley, Lancashire, England F10865
8 HALSTEAD / HALSTEAD  1354Burnley, Lancashire, England F11199
9 HALSTEAD / HALSTEAD  1354Burnley, Lancashire, England F11277
10 HALSTEAD / INGHAME  16 May 1601Burnley, Lancashire, England F6046
11 HALSTED / SAGER  27 Mar 1581Burnley, Lancashire, England F6421
12 SELLERS / SELLERS  1531Burnley, Lancashire, England F5768
13 SELLERS / SELLERS  1531Burnley, Lancashire, England F5787
14 SELLERS / SELLERS  1531Burnley, Lancashire, England F5836
15 SELLERS / SELLERS  1531Burnley, Lancashire, England F5842