Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Perth, Perthshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATHOLL, Bethoc  1041Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55231
2 DE AVENAL, Richard Justiciar of Lothian  Abt 1117Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I45820
3 DE LA HAYE, David 19th PGGF 2nd Earl and Feudal Lord of Erroll  17 Sep 1160Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55171
4 DRUMMOND, Gilbert  Abt 1250Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I41413
5 DRUMMOND, John  1335Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I25463
6 DRUMMOND, Mathilda  Abt 1253Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I45939
7 DRUMMOND,, Annabella Queen Consort of Scotland  1355Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I23824
8 FITZ ANDLAW, Hextilda  Abt 1029Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I46047
9 GRAHAM, Elizabeth  Mar 1504Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I21455
10 GRAHAM, Hugh Aodh of Strathearn  1204Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I37157
11 GRAHAM, Matilda  1367Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I37072
12 LAUDER, Alan de of Hatton  1310Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I37406
13 MACCRINAN, David  1033Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55061
14 MELISH, Countess Isabella  1100Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55164
15 MENTEITH RUSKIE, Lady Margaret  1305Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I27680
16 OF SCOTLAND, King Malcom II  958Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I59328
17 SCOTLAND, King Alexander I of  1077Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I58254
18 SCOTLAND, Macbeth MacFindlaich  1034Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55230
19 SCOTLAND, Margaret  Apr 1035Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55062
20 STEWART, Catherine Heiress of Holkettle  1346Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I26635
21 STEWART, Christina  1355Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I26637
22 STEWART, Elena of Menteith  Bef 1254Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I33483
23 STEWART, Isobell  1348Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I24703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Maldred mac Crinan  Apr 1045Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I56073
2 BUCHAN MACDUFF, Constantine  Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I59281
3 CAITHNESS, Matilda  1247Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I33466
4 CAMERON, Lady Jean  1442Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I37757
5 COMYN, Jardine Lord of Inverallochy  Nov 1258Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I41224
6 DE ABERNETHY, Abbott (Orm Lord)  1195Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I41390
7 DE CARLYLE, Sigrid  1126Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I47057
8 DE MENTEITH, Mary  21 Feb 1367Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I27605
9 DE MENTEITH,, Earl Gilchrist 1st Earl  1213Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I41463
10 DE MONTIFEX, Sir William  1366Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I27604
11 DE MORAY, Sir John Sheriff of Perthshire  1225Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I46112
12 DE MORTIMER, Roger  27 Aug 1338Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I28657
13 DE STRATHEARN, Countess Matilda d'Aubigny  1210Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I46097
14 DE STRIVELYN, John  1339Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I28148
15 DRUMMOND, Sir John Cargill Stobhall Justiciar  1428Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I27613
16 DRUMMOND OF ERNMORE&CARNOCK, William 1st of Carnock  Nov 1402Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I27610
17 ERSKINE, Sir Nicholas  Dec 1406Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I34071
18 FITZDUNCAN, William Earl of Moray  1147Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I45851
19 GILCHRIST, Lady Agatha  1234Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I41464
20 GORDON, Alexander Huntly Earl of Eglinton  16 Jan 1523Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I23963
21 MACMALCOLM, Bethóc  1045Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55067
22 MELISH, Countess Isabella  1181Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55164
23 MENTEITH, Muireadhach II Mormaer of Menteith, Maurice "The Younger", 3rd Earl of Menteith  Jan 1234Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I37211
24 MORAY, Duncan de  1128Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I55063
25 OF ATHOLL MADACHSSON, Malcolm De Mormaer 2nd Earl  24 Apr 1198Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I50321
26 RATHORAN, Strivelyn  1339Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I30431
27 ROGNVALDSDATTER*, Princess Helen, of the Isles,  1212Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I45865
28 STRATHEARN, Malise 7 Earl Of Caithness And Orkney  17 Oct 1346Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I27719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HAYE, Thomas de la Sir  1406Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I30401


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DE HASTINGS / RUSSELL  18 Nov 1292Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F19537
2 DE ST. CLAIR, / DE STRATHEARN  1207Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F16997
3 DRUMMOND / DRUMMOND  Abt 1275Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F23794
4 DRUMMOND / GRAHAM  1295Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F12003
5 SINCLAIR EARL OF ORKNEY /   1207Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F20153
6 SINCLAIR EARL OF ORKNEY / DE STRATHEARN  1207Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F19964
7 SINCLAIR EARL OF ORKNEY / DE STRATHEARN  1207Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F19992