Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Winchester, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COMYN (EARL OF BUCHAN), Alexander  1218Winchester, Hampshire, England I33467
2 DE BRAOSE, Melissente  Abt 1315Winchester, Hampshire, England I28805
3 DE CORNWALL, Margaret  1276Winchester, Hampshire, England I33868
4 DE CORNWALL, Richard  5 Jan 1208Winchester, Hampshire, England I34705
5 DE HASTINGS, John  Abt 1328Winchester, Hampshire, England I34608
6 DE QUENCY, Robert  Abt 1200Winchester, Hampshire, England I36038
7 DE QUINCY, Arabella  Abt 1186Winchester, Hampshire, England I39041
8 DE QUINCY, Beatrice  1185Winchester, Hampshire, England I39042
9 DE QUINCY, Hawise  1178Winchester, Hampshire, England I34314
10 DE QUINCY, John  1182Winchester, Hampshire, England I39040
11 DE QUINCY, Loretta  1180Winchester, Hampshire, England I37242
12 DE QUINCY, Margaret Countess of Derby  Abt 1218Winchester, Hampshire, England I33782
13 DE QUINCY, Reginald  Abt 1184Winchester, Hampshire, England I39045
14 DE QUINCY, Robert  1172Winchester, Hampshire, England I31664
15 DE QUINCY, Roger 2nd Earl of Winchester  1195Winchester, Hampshire, England I33366
16 DE VALLETORT, Joan  1220Winchester, Hampshire, England I38594
17 DE VALLETORT, Reginald III  1187Winchester, Hampshire, England I42727
18 DELEUCHARS, Mrs William  1079Winchester, Hampshire, England I47810
19 DEQUINCY, Hawise Lady Oxford  3 Feb 1192Winchester, Hampshire, England I32494
20 DEQUINCY, Robert Crusader  1172Winchester, Hampshire, England I43406
21 DEQUINCY, EARL OF WINCHESTER, Robert II  1188Winchester, Hampshire, England I38708
22 DESPENSER, Ada Elizabeth  Abt 1296Winchester, Hampshire, England I25288
23 DESPENSER, Eleanor  Abt 1292Winchester, Hampshire, England I26369
24 DESPENSER, Isabel Le  1270/1286Winchester, Hampshire, England I26366
25 DUKE OF NORMANDY, William Adelin,  5 Aug 1103Winchester, Hampshire, England I48007
26 EMPEROR OF GERMANY, Frederick II  Abt 1212Winchester, Hampshire, England I51635
27 ENGLAND, Eleanor Princess of  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I54178
28 ENGLAND, Henry III King  1 Oct 1206Winchester, Hampshire, England I47077
29 FITZ ROY, Rohese  Abt 1114Winchester, Hampshire, England I50796
30 FITZALAN, Joan  1260Winchester, Hampshire, England I30741
31 FITZHENRY, Sir, .Herbert .Lord Chamberlain of King HI  1060Winchester, Hampshire, England I55041
32 FITZHERBERT, Robert  Winchester, Hampshire, England I51460
33 GERMANY, Isabel Empress  1214Winchester, Hampshire, England I47079
34 HASTINGS, Sir Hugh de  1350Winchester, Hampshire, England I26081
35 HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, Emperor Frederick of II  <1210>Winchester, Hampshire, England I51636
36 ISABEL DE QUINCY, Elizabeth  1220Winchester, Hampshire, England I30279
37 LA ZOUCHE, Eudes  Abt 1296Winchester, Hampshire, England I26293
38 LA ZOUCHE, Eudes  Abt 1299Winchester, Hampshire, England I26296
39 LA ZOUCHE, Thomas Viscount of Rohan-Porhoet  1298Winchester, Hampshire, England I26966
40 LAZOUCHE, Philippe  1287Winchester, Hampshire, England I26965
41 MANLEY Mr  Abt 1192Winchester, Hampshire, England I35825
42 PLANTAGENET, Eleanor  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I54175
43 PLANTAGENET, Eleonor  12 May 1306Winchester, Hampshire, England I33109
44 PRINCESS OF ENGLAND, Eleanor  1215Winchester, Hampshire, England I54179
45 QUINCY, Hawise de  Abt 1240Winchester, Hampshire, England I32577
46 QUINCY, Loretta de  1136Winchester, Hampshire, England I47820
47 QUINCY, Mary de  1189Winchester, Hampshire, England I39044
48 SPENCER, Hugh  1242Winchester, Hampshire, England I35122
49 VALLETORT, Joan (Mistress to the King)  Abt 1210Winchester, Hampshire, England I39149
50 ZOUCHE, Eudes La  1294Winchester, Hampshire, England I26964


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 OF ENGLAND, King William II " Rufus"  2 Aug 1100Winchester, Hampshire, England I52657
2 VON L√úNEBURG, Wilhelm  2 May 1184Winchester, Hampshire, England I53753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Queen Emma of England and Denmark  6 Mar 1052Winchester, Hampshire, England I58023
2 Godwin of Wessex  15 Apr 1053Winchester, Hampshire, England I58138
3 Helen of Galloway  Aft 21 Nov 1245Winchester, Hampshire, England I33367
4 Herbertus "Chamberlain of England" of Winchester  Abt 1119Winchester, Hampshire, England I51457
5 Waltheof of Northumbria  31 May 1076Winchester, Hampshire, England I51511
6 AP MAREDUDD, Madog  9 Feb 1160Winchester, Hampshire, England I46086
7 CHAMPAGNE, Bishop of Winchester Henri ( Eudes) de  8 Aug 1171Winchester, Hampshire, England I53657
8 DE BLOIS, Henry  8 Aug 1171Winchester, Hampshire, England I53648
9 DE BLOIS-CHAMPAGNE, .Emma  1187Winchester, Hampshire, England I55042
10 DE CORNWALL, Margaret  1 Aug 1349Winchester, Hampshire, England I33868
11 DE DUNSTANVILLE, Hawise  Abt 1259Winchester, Hampshire, England I47165
12 DE HASTINGS, Hugh  30 Jul 1347Winchester, Hampshire, England I31286
13 DE LA ZOUCHE, Alan I  12 Aug 1270Winchester, Hampshire, England I29575
14 DE LENS, Judith (Countess of Boulogne)  Abt 1086Winchester, Hampshire, England I51512
15 DE QUINCY, Loretta  1270Winchester, Hampshire, England I37242
16 DE SAINT MAUR, Nicholas  8 Nov 1317Winchester, Hampshire, England I36764
17 DE VALLETORT, Reginald III  1246Winchester, Hampshire, England I42727
18 DESPENSER, Isabel Le  4 Dec 1334Winchester, Hampshire, England I26366
19 EARL OF KENT, WESSEX AND SURRY, Godwine  15 Apr 1053Winchester, Hampshire, England I58137
20 FITZ HERBERT, Herbert  1154Winchester, Hampshire, England I46928
21 FITZHENRY, Sir, .Herbert .Lord Chamberlain of King HI  1130Winchester, Hampshire, England I55041
22 GAVESTON, Sir Arnaud  18 May 1302Winchester, Hampshire, England I26897
23 LA ZOUCHE, ELENA  Oct 1334Winchester, Hampshire, England I33098
24 PEVERELL, Sir Jacob  1302Winchester, Hampshire, England I37546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Queen Emma of England and Denmark  Aft 6 Mar 1052Winchester, Hampshire, England I58023
2 Godwin of Wessex  1053Winchester, Hampshire, England I58138
3 DE DUNSTANVILLE, Hawise  Abt 1259Winchester, Hampshire, England I47165
4 GAVESTON, Sir Arnaud  May 1302Winchester, Hampshire, England I26897
5 LEOFWINESON, Godwine  1053Winchester, Hampshire, England I58139
6 QUINCY, Saher I de , Lord of Bushby  Winchester, Hampshire, England I43410
7 WOMOCK, Lawrence II  Aft 7 May 1685Winchester, Hampshire, England I18989


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DE LA ZOUCHE / LOVEL  Abt 1294Winchester, Hampshire, England F8391
2 DE QUINCY / DE MESCHINES  1192Winchester, Hampshire, England F12882
3 DE SAINT MAUR / LA ZOUCHE  Bef Aug 1314Winchester, Hampshire, England F16615
4 DE VALOGNES / DE QUINCY  Abt 1202Winchester, Hampshire, England F16895
5 DE VALOGNES / DE QUINCY  Abt 1202Winchester, Hampshire, England F21532
6 LA ZOUCHE / DE BRAOSE  Abt 1334Winchester, Hampshire, England F10968
7 QUINCY / DE HUNTINGDON  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F25441
8 QUINCY / DE HUNTINGDON  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F26982
9 QUINCY / DE HUNTINGDON  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F27894
10 QUINCY / DE HUNTINGDON  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F28039
11 QUINCY / DE HUNTINGDON  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F28703
12 QUINCY / DE HUNTINGDON  Abt 1088Winchester, Hampshire, England F29231