Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Primary Focus is on the DavisClan of Uriah I Davis born in 1707, arrived in Annapolis, Maryland in October 1732 and his generations afterwards.

Uriah Davis I came to America - by way of getting into trouble, of course some would say. "Davis Men our famous for being at the wrong place at the right time."
The historical records show - England, Old Bailey - court records on 23rd Feb 1732. Uriah was found guilty of stealing 2 cows. The punishment was transportation to the Americas / Banishment as slave convict.

Perverting Justice - 25th May 1732 - the person who accused Uriah for stealing the cows, confessed that was not the case and charges were dropped, but by then he was already on his way to America as a slave convict.
Once word go to America he became a free man. His trade was small schooner captain and made his money shipping goods between the states. Later purchased land in North Carolina - when it was opened up for settlements by USA government.

We have an extensive lookup for other families connected to the Davis Clan by marriage after 1707.

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Original work is done by Neil Davis of Candler, N.C.
A true inspiration to the rest of the Davis Clan in honorable genealogy work of the Davis line!

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