Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1262Suffolk, England I28398
2 Alice  1457Suffolk, England I25391
3 Beatrix  Abt 1272Suffolk, England I41105
4 Elizabeth  Abt 1314Suffolk, England I41162
5 BADWELL, Agnes  1452Suffolk, England I21343
6 BARDOLF, Thomas L.  Apr 1220Suffolk, England I45551
7 BORGATE, Jane  1285Suffolk, England I52334
8 BOYSE, William  Abt 1420Suffolk, England I21925
9 CAPELLA, Alicia de  1195Suffolk, England I42584
10 CAPELLA, Alicia De  Abt 1212Suffolk, England I42585
11 CHAPMAN, Robert  Abt 1510Suffolk, England I21035
12 CLARE, Hawise  Abt 1089Suffolk, England I56093
13 COVERT, William  1432Suffolk, England I27512
14 DE BEAUCHAMP, Beatrice  Abt 1245Suffolk, England I30016
15 DE GLANVILLE, Maud  Abt 1228Suffolk, England I45232
16 DE MUNCHENSY, Hubert  Abt 1083Suffolk, England I58501
17 DE PEYTON, John  Abt 1244Suffolk, England I34519
18 DE PEYTON, Robert D'Ufford  Abt 1243Suffolk, England I28415
19 DE TENDERING, Mrs John  Abt 1296Suffolk, England I50206
20 DE UFFORD, Catherine  1317Suffolk, England I28688
21 GARWOOD, William  1629Suffolk, England I14560
22 HERBERT, Catherine  Abt 1260Suffolk, England I28536
23 HERBERT, JOHN DE  1240Suffolk, England I31346
24 HUNTINGFIELD, William de  1279Suffolk, England I36432
25 KERRICH, Robert  1422Suffolk, England I23254
26 KNAPP, John  1420Suffolk, England I22406
27 MIDLING, John  1430Suffolk, England I27508
28 MORTHERMER, Edward  1304Suffolk, England I35408
29 MURIEL, Amy  1200Suffolk, England I33465
30 NESCY, William  Abt 1228Suffolk, England I49811
31 NORWICH, Walter De  Abt 1256Suffolk, England I28524
32 NOYES, Robert  1340Suffolk, England I28424
33 NOYES, Robert  1390Suffolk, England I28421
34 NOYES, Robert William  1389Suffolk, England I23661
35 NOYES, Sarah Hastings  1420Suffolk, England I22349
36 PAINE, John  1435Suffolk, England I27511
37 POLE, William  1481Suffolk, England I22443
38 POLEY, Richard  1517Suffolk, England I21358
39 POLEY, Simon  1408Suffolk, England I22444
40 READ, Anne  Abt 1501Suffolk, England I20759
41 ROCHELL, Alice  1477Suffolk, England I23716
42 ROWE, Anne  1637Suffolk, England I14561
43 SMYTH, Robert Hovel  1535Suffolk, England I19232
44 SOTHILL, Henry  1464Suffolk, England I22202
45 SULYARD, William  Abt 1362Suffolk, England I25370
46 SYDNY, Joan  1440Suffolk, England I20554
47 TENDRING, Thomas  1295Suffolk, England I36878
48 TOLLEMACHE, Lord Todmag de Hundred de  1045Suffolk, England I56767
49 UFFORD, Edmund  1325Suffolk, England I28413
50 VALOINES, Philip of Suffolk, England de  1085Suffolk, England I53957

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BOYSE, Robert  Abt 1440/1442Suffolk, England I21928
2 KNAPP, Mathew  Suffolk, England I21338
3 YLLEY, Sybell  Abt 1410/1412Suffolk, England I20961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Johanne  1504Suffolk, England I21032
2 BARON, Thomas  30 Dec 1528Suffolk, England I20116
3 CAPON, John  1584Suffolk, England I21062
4 CHARLES, Thomas  1412Suffolk, England I30175
5 CLARE, Lady Katherine de  Aft 1343Suffolk, England I33224
6 DE BARDOLF, Hugh  1295Suffolk, England I36393
7 DE BLAKENHAM, Richardus  Suffolk, England I54056
8 DE COLEKIRKE, Alicia  Abt 1130Suffolk, England I49540
9 DE HUNSTANSTON, Matilda  Abt 1164Suffolk, England I38876
10 DE NORWICH, Margaret  1375Suffolk, England I26232
11 DE PEYTON, John  Suffolk, England I31220
12 DE PEYTON, Robert D'Ufford  9 Sep 1298Suffolk, England I28415
13 DE REDE, Brianus II  1145Suffolk, England I51522
14 DE SUTTON, Richard  1255Suffolk, England I45617
15 DE UFFORD, Robert II  9 Sep 1316Suffolk, England I26052
16 DE UFFORD, William  From 1311 to 9 Sep 1316Suffolk, England I28408
17 DOWNES, John esq  1553Suffolk, England I23735
18 EMPSON, Joan Jane  12 May 1510Suffolk, England I21190
19 GARNEYS, Dorothy  1556Suffolk, England I22425
20 GARNEYS, John  29 Jan 1526Suffolk, England I22419
21 GARNEYS, Peter  5 Feb 1451Suffolk, England I23719
22 GEDDING, Thomas  1465Suffolk, England I23758
23 GREENE, Mary  1581Suffolk, England I20281
24 HAMPDEN, Isabel de  Abt 1375Suffolk, England I31940
25 HOPTON, Margaret  1491Suffolk, England I22620
26 HUNTINGDON, Ada de  1265Suffolk, England I45761
27 KERRICH, Annes  10 Sep 1557Suffolk, England I20248
28 KNAPP, John  1452Suffolk, England I22406
29 KNAPP, Nicholas  1604Suffolk, England I20542
30 KNAPP, Thomas Richard  18 May 1513Suffolk, England I21342
31 KNAPPE, John  1452Suffolk, England I25351
32 KNAPPE, John  1452Suffolk, England I23718
33 LE BLOUNT, William 3rd Baron Of Ixworth  Abt 1169Suffolk, England I44941
34 LIMESI, Ralph  1093Suffolk, England I59133
35 NESLE, Beatrice Clermont de  Sep 1320Suffolk, England I39472
36 NOYES, Robert  1393Suffolk, England I28424
37 NOYES, Robert  1432Suffolk, England I28421
38 NOYES, Sarah Hastings  1487Suffolk, England I22349
39 POLE, William  1557Suffolk, England I22443
40 POLEY, Baseline  Suffolk, England I27497
41 RAMSAY, John  Suffolk, England I30179
42 RAMSEY, Alice  1451Suffolk, England I27463
43 READE, Edward Edmund  1519Suffolk, England I21632
44 ROOKES, Sir Thomas  1480Suffolk, England I21037
45 SYDNY, Joan  Suffolk, England I20554
46 TOLLEMACHE, Lord Todmag de Hundred de  Suffolk, England I56767
47 YAXLEY, Anthony  28 Oct 1558Suffolk, England I23731


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARON, Thomas  Suffolk, England I20116
2 BREWSE, sir, John ,of Whittingham  Suffolk, England I21681
3 CLERKE,, George Esquire  8 Mar 1558Suffolk, England I20987
4 DE VERE, Alice  1185Suffolk, England I42582
5 FITZSTEPHENS, Knight Airard  Suffolk, England I57143
6 KEAN, Sir William  Suffolk, England I23142
7 KNAPP, Jonathan Henry Francis  Suffolk, England I20538


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNARDISTON / VAVASOUR  Abt 1439Suffolk, England F9251
2 BIGOD / FERRERS  Aft 1238Suffolk, England F18145
3 BOVILE / SCALES  1322Suffolk, England F23617
4 BOYSE / WYCHINGHAM  1442Suffolk, England F7758
5 CAPON / GREENE  1553Suffolk, England F6640
6 DE HUNTINGFIELD / QUINCY  1166Suffolk, England F29816
7 DE LA POLE / DE WINGFIELD  1370Suffolk, England F12528
8 DE LA POLE, / DE STAFFORD  1395Suffolk, England F13583
9 DE PEYTON / DE PAYTON  1242Suffolk, England F12464
10 DE PEYTON / DE PAYTON  1242Suffolk, England F13017
11 DE SUTTON / DE SUTTON  1223Suffolk, England F31754
12 DE UFFORD / DE NORWICH  Abt 1320Suffolk, England F9461
13 DE UFFORD / DE NORWICH  Abt 1320Suffolk, England F12459
14 DE UFFORD / DE NORWICH  Abt 1320Suffolk, England F9380
15 DE VERDUN /   Suffolk, England F16246
16 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F21722
17 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F29774
18 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F25092
19 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F24555
20 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F23425
21 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F23252
22 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F22935
23 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F22934
24 DE VERE / DE CLARE  1108Suffolk, England F22804
25 GEDDING /   1453Suffolk, England F10244
26 KNAPPE / HOWARD  1412Suffolk, England F8925
27 LOVAINE / BOHUN  31 May 1268Suffolk, England F11996
28 PLANTAGENET /   1340Suffolk, England F8894
29 PLAYTERS / READ  Abt 1524Suffolk, England F6893
30 SULYARD / GOODE  Abt 1380Suffolk, England F8934
31 WINCHELL / WINCHELL  Abt 1615Suffolk, England F5351
32 WOODWARD / MATHER  4 Sep 1638Suffolk, England F2478