Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Chester, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes of Chester Beatrix, Lady of Chartley  1174Chester, Cheshire, England I39074
2 Mabel Of Chester  6 Jun 1173Chester, Cheshire, England I35696
3 BLUNDEVILLE, Agnes  Abt 1182Chester, Cheshire, England I39064
4 BLUNDEVILLE, Nichola  Abt 1230Chester, Cheshire, England I39065
5 BRYDGES, Anne  1496Chester, Cheshire, England I20459
6 CLERE, Matilda  Abt 1245Chester, Cheshire, England I49585
7 COVENTRE, de  1120Chester, Cheshire, England I55891
8 D' AVRANCHES, Adam  1099Chester, Cheshire, England I50168
9 D'AVRANCHES, Geva  Abt 1060Chester, Cheshire, England I56563
10 DAVENPORT, Henry de  1240Chester, Cheshire, England I43968
11 DAVENPORT, Richard  Abt 1180Chester, Cheshire, England I53131
12 DAVENPORT, Richard de  Abt 1230Chester, Cheshire, England I43972
13 DAVENPORT, Roger  1245Chester, Cheshire, England I39602
14 DAVENPORT, Thomas de  Abt 1236Chester, Cheshire, England I43971
15 DAVENPORT, Thomas de  Abt 1250Chester, Cheshire, England I39605
16 DE BLUNDEVILLE, Mabel  1182Chester, Cheshire, England I39062
17 DE DAVENPORT, Henry  1256Chester, Cheshire, England I32078
18 DE KEVELIOC, Matilda  1171Chester, Cheshire, England I39050
19 DE KEVELIOCK, Maud  1171Chester, Cheshire, England I40665
20 DE MESCHINES, Nichola  Abt 1179Chester, Cheshire, England I39051
21 DE MESCHINES DE CHESTER, Agnes  1174Chester, Cheshire, England I31690
22 DE MESCHINES GERNON, Joanna  Abt 1140Chester, Cheshire, England I39878
23 DE ORREBY, Sir Phillip II  1183Chester, Cheshire, England I44847
24 DEDAVENPORT, Ellen  1254Chester, Cheshire, England I39680
25 DEDAVENPORT, Peter  1248Chester, Cheshire, England I39603
26 FULFORD, Hamon  1195Chester, Cheshire, England I51385
27 HARRISON, Isaiah  25 Sep 1666Chester, Cheshire, England I5545
28 HATTON, Alice  1266Chester, Cheshire, England I35528
29 HULME, Beatrix de  Abt 1208Chester, Cheshire, England I39608
30 KENELIOC DE BOSTOCK, Hawise  1180Chester, Cheshire, England I39072
31 LA ZOUCHE, Lady Maude  1469Chester, Cheshire, England I22171
32 LE MESCHINES, Richard of Chester  Abt 1143Chester, Cheshire, England I43371
33 MESCHINES, Beatrix de Gernons  Abt 1146Chester, Cheshire, England I43372
34 MESCHINES, Miss de  Abt 1180Chester, Cheshire, England I39059
35 MESCHINES, Nicola de  Abt 1182Chester, Cheshire, England I39060
36 OREBY, Mrs. Philip De  Abt 1196Chester, Cheshire, England I42317
37 ORREBY, Phillip de  Abt 1195Chester, Cheshire, England I45158
38 WARENNA, Edith de  Abt 1076Chester, Cheshire, England I48980
39 WRIGHT, Elizabeth  Chester, Cheshire, England I5557
40 YEALAND, Roger de  Abt 1137Chester, Cheshire, England I54640


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOLINGBROKE, Lady Lucia Countess Avranches Bayeux Chester  26 Jun 1144Chester, Cheshire, England I54981
2 BOYDELL, sir, William ,Knt,  19 Sep 1272Chester, Cheshire, England I40468
3 BUNBURY, Richard de  1459Chester, Cheshire, England I48851
4 CHESTER, Nigel Constable Of  1092Chester, Cheshire, England I52389
5 D'AUBIGNY, Cicely  18 Jun 1260Chester, Cheshire, England I46823
6 DE BRIQUESSART, Ranulf Viscount of Bayeux  Abt 1089Chester, Cheshire, England I40008
7 DE BRIQUESSART", Ranulph Le Meschin "  Jan 1129Chester, Cheshire, England I44359
8 DE HULME, Mrs Bertrand  Chester, Cheshire, England I43966
9 DE HULME, Mrs John  1200Chester, Cheshire, England I48541
10 DE LACY, Nigell  Chester, Cheshire, England I52171
11 DE MESCHINES, Ranulf  Jan 1129Chester, Cheshire, England I43291
12 DE ORREBY, Clemence  1237Chester, Cheshire, England I46821
13 DE ORREBY, Phillip  1238Chester, Cheshire, England I42316
14 DE THOROLD, Countess Lucy of Chester  1136Chester, Cheshire, England I48921
15 DE THOROLD, Countess Lucy of Chester  1136Chester, Cheshire, England I48925
16 DU BESSIN, Ranulf le Meschin  Abt 17 Jan 1129Chester, Cheshire, England I44360
17 FERCH LLYWELYN, Elen  Bef 24 Oct 1253Chester, Cheshire, England I36039
18 FITZHUGH, Osbern  1186Chester, Cheshire, England I43180
19 FITZROBERT, Mabel de Solariis  Aft 1190Chester, Cheshire, England I50794
20 FITZROGER, Roger  Abt 1304Chester, Cheshire, England I35538
21 GERBOD  1071Chester, Cheshire, England I56659
22 HULME, Beatrix de  Abt 1280Chester, Cheshire, England I39608
23 INGHAM, Sir Oliver  1344Chester, Cheshire, England I26047
24 KEVELIOC, Amicia  2 Nov 1247Chester, Cheshire, England I39048
25 LE MESCHIN,, Ranulf 3rd Earl of Chester  January 1128/1129Chester, Cheshire, England I44361
26 LLEWELYN, Elen (Helen) Verch  Chester, Cheshire, England I43054
27 MANDEVILLE, 2ND EARL OF ESSEX, Geoffrey III de  21 Oct 1166Chester, Cheshire, England I57406
28 MESCHIN, Earl Ranulph de Briquessart  Jan 1128Chester, Cheshire, England I44358
29 OF BOLINGBROKE, Lucy Countess of Chester  Abt 1138Chester, Cheshire, England I43292
30 OREBY, Mrs. Philip De  1227Chester, Cheshire, England I42317
31 ORREBY, .Clemence  1258Chester, Cheshire, England I40437


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 D'AVRANCHES, Hugh " Lupus" E/ Chester  Chester, Cheshire, England I54583
2 DE BANASTRE, Thurstan II  1154Chester, Cheshire, England I49679
3 DE BLUNDEVILLE,, Ranulph 6th Earl of Chester & 1st Earl of Lincoln  3 Nov 1232Chester, Cheshire, England I39052
4 DE MESCHINES, Ranulph  3 Nov 1232Chester, Cheshire, England I39069
5 DE MOHAUT, Lady Cecily  1201Chester, Cheshire, England I49680
6 EARL OF CHESTER, John Le Scot of Huntingdon  Chester, Cheshire, England I45770
7 LACY, Edmund ,Earl of Lincoln 1240-54,Constable of Chester, Lord of Halton & Bowland  Jun 1258Chester, Cheshire, England I31663
8 LE MESCHIN,, Ranulf 3rd Earl of Chester  Chester, Cheshire, England I44361
9 MESCHIN, Earl Ranulph de Briquessart  Feb 1128Chester, Cheshire, England I44358
10 MESCHINES AND AVRANCHES, Ranulph "de Gernon", Viscount d'  Chester, Cheshire, England I39046
11 OF CHESTER, Earl Hugues d'Avranches (master record)  Jul 1101Chester, Cheshire, England I56546


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1169Chester, Cheshire, England F27456
2 / DE BAUMVILLE  1220Chester, Cheshire, England F29048
3 / DE BAUMVILLE  1220Chester, Cheshire, England F30211
4 DE KEVELIOC DE GERNON / DE MONTFORT  1169Chester, Cheshire, England F15208
5 DE KEVELIOC DE GERNON / DE MONTFORT  1169Chester, Cheshire, England F18088
6 DE KEVELIOC DE GERNON / FEMALE  1169Chester, Cheshire, England F15198
7 DE ORREBY / DE BAUMVILLE  1220Chester, Cheshire, England F27280