Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Cumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mrs.  1130Cumberland, England I51837
2 CLIFFORD, Roger de 5th Baron Clifford  2 Feb 1299Cumberland, England I28673
3 DACRE, George  Abt 1416Cumberland, England I25137
4 DACRE, Margaret  Abt 1424Cumberland, England I25138
5 DACRE, Raff  Abt 1426Cumberland, England I25139
6 DACRE, Randolph or Thomas  1387Cumberland, England I25145
7 DACRE, Richard  Abt 1414Cumberland, England I25142
8 DE DACRE, William  1319Cumberland, England I31844
9 DE IREBY, Christine  1218Cumberland, England I33391
10 DE LANCASTER, Lawrence  Abt 1170Cumberland, England I53987
11 DE MORVILLE, Lord of Burgh by Sands Simon  Abt 1118Cumberland, England I55927
12 DE TRIVERS, Ibria  1086Cumberland, England I51825
13 FITZELRED, .Ketel , 3rd Baron of Kendal  Abt 1055Cumberland, England I56237
14 HARRINGTON, Joan  1330Cumberland, England I31336
15 HOLME, Molly  1406Cumberland, England I23622
16 L'ENGLEYS, William  1209Cumberland, England I38531
17 WAKE, Margaret  1297Cumberland, England I27374
18 WARCOP, Thomas De  1310Cumberland, England I34642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACRE, Lord Thomas D' of Gilsland  5 Jan 1458Cumberland, England I23501
2 DE BAYEUX, Alice  Cumberland, England I44354
3 DE DACRE, William  18 Jul 1361Cumberland, England I31844
4 DE MORVILLE, Lord of Burgh by Sands Simon  1167Cumberland, England I55927
5 DE STUTEVILLE, Nicholas I  1206Cumberland, England I44397
6 DE TREVORS,, Robert Lord of Burgh-by-Sands  1135Cumberland, England I48927
7 DE(LORD ANNADALE)BRUCE, Robert  4 Apr 1304Cumberland, England I30513
8 FITZDUNCAN, Amabel  1201Cumberland, England I49995
9 FLETE, Richard FitzJosce De  Dec 1217Cumberland, England I49990
10 L'ENGLEYS, William I  1291Cumberland, England I31317
11 LE FLEMING, Anselm  From 1210 to 1217Cumberland, England I56243
12 QUINCY, Loretta de  1220Cumberland, England I47820
13 WAKE, Margaret  19 Sep 1349Cumberland, England I27374
14 WARCOP, Thomas De  Cumberland, England I34642
15 WARCOP, Thomas de  1344Cumberland, England I31320
16 WORKINGTON (CURWELL), Christine FitzThomas  Cumberland, England I42815


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / DE RUMILLY  1117Cumberland, England F26866
2 DE LUCY / MORVILLE  About 1200 (1st husband)Cumberland, England F23484
3 DE LUCY / MORVILLE  About 1200 (1st husband)Cumberland, England F24567
4 DE LUCY / MORVILLE  About 1200 (1st husband)Cumberland, England F25777
5 DE LUCY / MORVILLE  About 1200 (1st husband)Cumberland, England F27462
6 ENGAINE / DE TRIVERS  1096Cumberland, England F29066
7 ENGAINE / DE TRIVERS  1096Cumberland, England F30193
8 ENGAINE / DE TRIVERS  1096Cumberland, England F32777
9 HUDDLESTON / TEMPEST  Bef 1370Cumberland, England F16011
10 MORAY / ALLERDALE  Abt 1076Cumberland, England F37333