Davis Uriah I | Born 1707

Poynings, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hamelin  1173Poynings, Sussex, England I45074
2 Margaret  Abt 1126Poynings, Sussex, England I40657
3 AGUILLON, Margery De  Abt 1274Poynings, Sussex, England I36435
4 AIGUILLON, Ela  1205Poynings, Sussex, England I32835
5 DE BARDOLF, Hugh  Abt Sep 1231Poynings, Sussex, England I36393
6 DE PIERREPONT, Miss Beatrice  1077Poynings, Sussex, England I58600
7 DE POYNINGS, Adam "The Elder"  1100Poynings, Sussex, England I45070
8 DE POYNINGS, Adam "The Younger"  Abt 1126Poynings, Sussex, England I40656
9 DE POYNINGS, Margaret  Abt 1341Poynings, Sussex, England I29024
10 DE POYNINGS, Sir Michael Knight  Abt 1257Poynings, Sussex, England I29874
11 DE POYNINGS, Thomas  Aft 1207Poynings, Sussex, England I32834
12 DE ROKESLEY, Richard  1295Poynings, Sussex, England I29019
13 DEPOYNINGS, Adam  1100Poynings, Sussex, England I54131
14 DEPOYNINGS, Beatrice  1102Poynings, Sussex, England I58601
15 POYNINGS, Isabella  Abt 1385Poynings, Sussex, England I26444
16 POYNINGS, Joan  Abt 1380Poynings, Sussex, England I26442
17 POYNINGS, John  Abt 1321Poynings, Sussex, England I31862
18 POYNINGS, John DE (Puninges)  Abt 1128Poynings, Sussex, England I45073
19 POYNINGS, Sir Luke de  1 Sep 1231Poynings, Sussex, England I36392
20 POYNINGS, Sir Michael de  Abt 1160Poynings, Sussex, England I36395
21 POYNINGS, Michael de  1297Poynings, Sussex, England I32836
22 POYNINGS, Sir Robert  Nov 1419Poynings, Sussex, England I24579
23 POYNINGS, Thomas  Abt 1375Poynings, Sussex, England I26443
24 POYNINGS, Thomas De  Abt 1319Poynings, Sussex, England I31858
25 POYNINGS, William  Abt 1130Poynings, Sussex, England I49651
26 ROKESLEY, Joan de  1329Poynings, Sussex, England I26440
27 SUSSEX, Beatrice  1102Poynings, Sussex, England I45071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DE POYNINGS, Sir Thomas  1385Poynings, Sussex, England I29028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AGUILLON, Margery De  Feb 1333Poynings, Sussex, England I36435
2 AIGUILLON, Ela  1251Poynings, Sussex, England I32835
3 DE POYNINGS, Adam "The Elder"  7 Apr 1147Poynings, Sussex, England I45070
4 DE POYNINGS, Thomas  Bef 24 Sep 1272Poynings, Sussex, England I32834
5 DE POYNINGS, William  1086Poynings, Sussex, England I49649
6 DEPOYNINGS, Adam  1147Poynings, Sussex, England I54131
7 ROKESLEY, Agnes  22 Dec 1346Poynings, Sussex, England I29029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DE POYNINGS, Sir Michael Knight; 1st Baron Poynings  17 Mar 1369Poynings, Sussex, England I26441
2 DE POYNINGS, Thomas 2nd Baron Poynings  1375Poynings, Sussex, England I29023
3 ROKESLEY, Agnes  Jan 1347Poynings, Sussex, England I29029


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DE POYNINGS / AGUILLON  8 Jun 1298Poynings, Sussex, England F19540
2 DE POYNINGS / BARDOLF  8 Jun 1298Poynings, Sussex, England F11759
3 DE POYNINGS / BARDOLF  8 Jun 1298Poynings, Sussex, England F13351
4 DE POYNINGS / ROKESLEY  Abt 1317Poynings, Sussex, England F11309
5 DEPOYNINGS / DEPOYNINGS  1125Poynings, Sussex, England F36565